A store credit card can be a credit card that is only accepted at one retailer or a group of related stores. They are great for building credit and can be used by people with credit scores above 640+.

The Purpose of Store Credit

The store credit card works in the same way as traditional credit cards. The card can be used to make purchases and you can repay it over time. You will need to pay a minimum monthly payment. Store credit cards have higher interest rates than traditional cards. An example of a store credit card would be Coach credit card if, there was such a thing as a Coach credit card. 

The Difference Between a Credit and a Store Card

Store cards are credit cards that can be used only at certain stores. A credit card can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. This is the main difference between a credit and a store card.

Store Credit Cards Can be Used in Store Early

A store card can only be used at the issuing shop. This can make it difficult to get credit elsewhere. If you want to purchase outside of the issuing store, you will need another credit card, such as an American Express, Mastercard, or Visa

You Cannot Pay a Store Credit with Your Credit Card.

The short answer to this question is no. Credit card companies won’t let you make minimum monthly payments or pay off outstanding balances with another credit card company. Credit card companies are often unwilling to accept these transactions because of the high fees.