A title commitment is basically the title company’s promise to issue a title insurance policy for the property after closing. The title commitment contains the same terms, conditions, and exclusions that will be in the actual insurance policy.

How long does a title commitment take?

The title process usually takes about two weeks; however, depending on the property and transaction type, this can vary dramatically. Your real estate agent or escrow/title officer can give you updates on the timetable as the closing progresses.

What’s the difference between title insurance and title commitment?

The title policy is issued after closing, the title commitment comes before closing. The commitment says that a title company is willing to issue title insurance under certain conditions and if the seller fixes certain problems. The policy provides coverage for the property.

Who pays for title commitment?

In just about every state, the buyer must pay for title insurance expenses related to their loan with their lender. In some states ,the seller pays for the owner’s title insurance policy as a seller closing cost. In other states, the buyer pays for the owner’s title insurance policy as a buyer closing cost.

What is the title commitment fee?

Prior to closing, a title commitment is given to buyers to inform the buyer regarding title to the property. … Other insurance policies are purchased for possible futures issues; however, title insurance is purchased with a one-time payment to safeguard against loss arising from hazards or defects.

Additional items to address

These are items that need to delete and/or record in order to provide a clear title to the property.

  • Current property-tax status,
  • Any assessments that are owed such as those for a homeowners association,
  • Any encumbrances (or liens) on the property.

Sometimes items show up against a property because another person has a name similar to an involved party. This is one of the reasons that you are asked to fill out an Identity Statement; to determine if items may be inaccurate and can be deleted.

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