Create a New Credit File with this Repair Guide

First thing first, THIS IS NOT A WAY TO TRY AND AVOID A BAD CREDIT FILE. Now that we have that little piece of business out of the way, it’s time to talk about how to start a new credit file legally. There is a percentage of individuals in the United States that are identity fraud victims. Identity theft is when criminals steal the identity of another person and use the stolen information for nefarious purposes. Identity fraud does a serious number on a credit report. A stolen identity is the primary reason that people look to legally start a new personal credit file. Follow this guide, and utilize the secrets you learn about credit repair and credit repair scams that exist as you use it to help get a better credit report.

Stolen Social Security Number? Start A New Credit File Legally.

If your Social Security number is stolen, and subsequently used without your permission, fortunately, the Social Security Administration will allow you to apply for a new Social Security number, creating a new credit file. Take note that to get a new Social Security Number, you must be able to prove that your identity has potentially been compromised, AND you have been financially injured by the theft of your identification. A major sign that your identity has potentially been compromised, is that you will begin to receive phone calls and unfamiliar bills from a debt collection agency completely out of nowhere. Often, there are new lines of credit opened in your name in a short period of time, usually over a period of two to three weeks.

How to Start a New Credit File Legally

Legally Changing Your Social Security Number

As part of creating a new credit file legally, you will need to change your Social Security number. you can do this by using Form SS-5. An SS-5 Form is the exact same form used when applying for an original Social Security number. You can obtain a Form SS-5 online at or by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. The Social Security Administration will require the following:

  • Prove your citizenship
  • Prove your age
  • Prove your identity
  • Prove your immigration status

*You must provide certified copies of original documents or the original documents. Never send original documents in the mail!

Required Documentation to Legally Create a New Credit File

To change your social security number and thus create a new credit file legally, you will need to submit a few items to the Social Security Administration. The following items are needed to get a new Social Security Number.

  • A United States driver’s license, state identification card, or valid passport
  • Passport or your birth certificate. (If you were born in the United States, you can use your birth certificate as proof that you are a United States citizen. If you are a Permanent Resident, you will need a Permanent Resident Card to show your legal status as a resident in the US.)

Other Required Evidence for a New File

In addition to applying for a new Social Security number, you must also be able to prove that current circumstances deem it necessary for you to obtain a new number. This must be completed according to guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission. Evidence must show that “the number is being misused, and that the misuse is causing you significant continuing harm.” Remember, check out sites like Experian and get a free credit score. A quick drop in credit scores is something that you should look out for.

Stolen Social Security Number

What a New Credit File is Not

A new credit file is often classified as common credit repair scams that are used when people are trying to get a better credit report. When you obtain a new Social Security number, you will receive a new credit file. However, government agencies may keep records on you that contain your original Social Security number. Though it can be a way to quickly repair a credit report. This is not a way to try and avoid bad marks on your credit file.

Creating a New Credit File is Not Loophole

Creating a new credit file is another do-it-yourself credit repair technique that while believed that can increase your credit score, that is patently false.  In trying to fix credit most people get frustrated because it is hard to repair your credit without going into more debt. What I suggest is ordering a free credit report, actively review your scores and look for new credit issued on your credit file and even utilizing the resources of a local area credit repair agency.

Stolen Business Credit File

Just like personal credit can be stolen, often business credit reports and business credit files can be victims of identity theft.  Because a business credit file can be stolen, business credit should be protected as well.  The first step in business identity theft protection is to check the business credit report for unusual activity that might give indications that business identity fraud has occurred. Enroll in a business credit report monitoring service. When you enroll in a monitoring service, you can regularly inspect your credit for activity that might indicate that fraud has occurred. Credit scammers can open new credit accounts, and even get loans under the name of your business.

If you want to avoid identity theft for your business, follow these seven steps.
  1. Switch to Digital Statements
  2. Invest in a Quality Shredder
  3. Build a Secure Filing System
  4. Follow Digital Security Best Practices
  5. Monitor Business Credit Reports
  6. Well-Planned User Data Access
  7. Use Strong Passwords


Required Evidence for a New File

With a Stolen Identity Creating a New Credit File Helps

If your identity is stolen and someone starts using your Social Security card number, it can be a long, arduous amount of work to fix the problem. Getting a new credit file can be a way to repair the damage of a stolen identity quickly. Once you have a new file, it is important to remain diligent in keeping your Social Security number and other personal information in a safe space.