If you’re a music lover, there is a good chance that you have a subscription to one or more of the existing music streaming services. Streaming services such as 8 Tracks, Apple Music, and Spotify all have similar ways to pay for the service. But, what if you decide that you no longer want your debit or credit card to be linked to your Spotify account. You are probably wondering how to remove credit cards from Spotify. Well, the answer is fairly easy.

remove credit card from spotify

How to Remove a Card from Spotify

If you decide that you no longer want to have premium, and you have suspended the premium membership. Spotify takes care of the rest. Once your account reverts to a free Spotify account any payment method a credit card or a debit card will automatically be deleted.

How to Change a Credit Card on Spotify

If your goal is to change the credit card method of payment or change debit card details on Spotify, click directly on the change payment method. At that point, you can remove your credit card or remove a debit card or even change your payment method.