Have you ever been out with a friend, the bill comes, and then the uncomfortable time comes for you to split the tab. Or it is time to pay rent, and you would like to send half of the rent to your roommate but would like a way to send the money without any transaction fees. Enter Venmo! Venmo is an app that is set up to be a quick, no-fee way to make these transactions. But say, for instance, you no longer need Venmo, and you want to just, “delete Venmo account”. What is the process to delete Venmo from your phone? How do you get rid of Venmo? Let’s talk about it.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a PayPal service that allows you to easily purchase items and split checks without using a credit card. When establishing your Venmo account, you must choose a funding source by linking a credit card, bank account, or using your Venmo balance. Once your account is open and active, you can either request money or pay others with your Venmo account. Simply add a recipient, a balance, and a note. You can pay or add money to your account without the 3% fee by adding cash, transferring from a debit card, or PayPal balance. When adding funds using a credit card, there is a 3% surcharge added to the transaction.

How to Delete Venmo Account

To cancel or close your Venmo Account, please use this link to open it from a desktop browser. Then click the “Close my Venmo Account” button at the bottom. Personal Venmo accounts cannot be closed on a mobile device, or through the app.

delete my venmo profile

Your personal account will be canceled, and your business profile (if any) will be deleted permanently. Venmo can’t reactivate it. A second business profile will not be created for your personal account. You can cancel your business profile without affecting your personal account. Contact us if you want to cancel your business profile only.

delete venmo

Venmo Customer Service

If you have any issues with deleting Venmo, you may want to contact customer service. The information to contact Venmo is as follows: