Everyone loves PayPal! Who wouldn’t love an easy-to-use, straightforward, secure, and did I say safe way to send money to family and friends, all using an email address or cell phone number. It makes you wonder, “Can I have more than one PayPal account”? But before we address the question of, if can you have two PayPal accounts, let’s talk a little bit about how PayPal works, and some of the benefits AND advantages of owning two PayPal accounts.


What is PayPal?

Developed as a money-transfer service in 1999.  A company named Confinity later merged with X.com, which was mysterious, eccentric billionaire, Elon Musk’s online banking site. The company then changed its name to PayPal before going public in 2002. A short time later, PayPal was acquired by eBay Inc. for $1.5 billion. PayPal remained a functioning division for eBay until it was spun off 13 years later in 2015.


PayPal is a Publicly Held Company

PayPal Holdings Inc. is now a public company listed on the Nasdaq. It rolled out its first initial public offering in 2002 but was then acquired by eBay. At one point, PayPal was growing faster than its parent company. eBay decided to spin it off in 2014, and it again became a separate public company. PayPal is now a conglomerate online payment processing company, that owns a number of online payment processing companies. Those companies that are owned by PayPal are:

  • Braintree
  • Xoom Corp.
  • iZettle
  • Honey Science Corp
  • Hyperwallet Systems, Inc
  • Venmo
  • Paidy


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How Does PayPal Work

With PayPal, you receive money when someone sends a payment to your email address or mobile number. Once that happens, we’ll send you a message letting you know you have money available. You can access the money you receive on your PayPal account home page. There is no monthly fee for having single or multiple PayPal accounts. Also, there is no minimum balance fee

How Many PayPal Accounts Can You Have

Because PayPal associates your account with your email address, you can have a PayPal address for every email address.  So, essentially, you can have as many PayPal accounts as email addresses. However, according to the PayPal website, you are allowed a single personal account and a single business account. Also, a bank account can only be linked to a maximum of three PayPal accounts, cumulative, personal, and business. With a business PayPal account, there can be more than one user, also. You can register as the account holder when you open a PayPal Account. You can then add other users to your PayPal account. This allows them to log in to their account and contact customer service if needed.